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Who we are

Therapists and Language Experts+. TALE+ is a virtual platform focused on multilingual speech-language pathology services. We are a team of providers offering virtual evaluation and intervention across the United States and globally. The team currently offers services to pediatric and adult populations in Spanish and English.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between the demand for multilingual providers and the growing globalized population. Our goal is to provide access to high-quality services to individuals who speak different languages.


At TALE+ we believe in providing multilingual communities equal access to opportunities. We aim to incorporate technology to better serve these individuals globally.




And more!


Services available for pediatric and adult populations:

Articulation Disorders | Fluency/Stuttering Disorders | Voice Disorders | Pragmatic (Social) Language Disorders

Voice Modification | Language Disorders | Written Language Disorders

Cognitive Communication Disorders after Stroke, Brain Injury, Dementia | Feeding Disorders | Dysphagia

Alternative and Augmentative Communication | Accent Reduction/Modification in a Non-Native Language | Presentation Skills

Listening Skills | Public Speaking | Voice Preservation

Communication Etiquette | Telephone Skills | Cross-Cultural Communication

Our Providers

Lorena Martínez Valdivieso, M.A., CCC-SLP, is a bilingual (Spanish/English) speech-language pathologist from Puerto Rico. She received her Master of Arts in speech-language-hearing with a bilingual emphasis from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received training in the following areas: language disorders, dysphagia (neonatal, pediatric, adult), pediatric voice disorders, stuttering, and feeding disorders. Her areas of interest include accent reduction/modification, pediatric dysphagia, feeding disorders, and language disorder in multilingual individuals.

Lorena Martínez Valdivieso, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist


Thank you to all the clients that support us!

English being my second language, my co-workers had trouble understanding when I spoke on the phone. I received accent reduction services, and I became aware of the sounds that I needed to work on to be better understood at my job and deliver my message with more confidence. It was hard work, but it paid off!

I enjoy following @lorenamvspeechpathology on Instagram as the page provided me with the information that led me to the services my child was needing.

When I started high school, I noticed that my stuttering got worse. I truly enjoyed my experience with Lorena and learning new strategies to feel more comfortable with the way I speak.

We hope that we can continue to serve you!


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